"Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land."

− Aldo Leopold

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In 2008, the Colorado Chautauqua Association committed to making the Colorado Chautauqua the country’s most sustainably operated National Historic Landmark. Since then, we have made sweeping changes to our buildings and grounds and to the way we operate. We continue to explore strategies to conserve water and energy, divert waste from landfills, and utilize earth-friendly products, while preserving the comfort and enjoyment of our guests and the Colorado Chautauqua’s historic character.

During your visit to the Colorado Chautauqua, you may notice a few differences from the typical vacation destination. For example, our cottages are equipped with compost and recycling bins, water-saving shower heads, faucets and toilets, eco-friendly soaps and hair products, and alternative cooling systems.

The Chautauqua values of lifelong learning, love of nature, and voluntary simplicity go hand-in-hand with sustainability. We hope that you learn something during your visit here, and that you will take those lessons home with you. And if you have some lessons to teach us, we welcome your ideas on how we can achieve our goal of becoming the most environmentally sustainable National Historic Landmark in the country.