The Chautauqua Café

Relax and enjoy the views!

   As part of Chautauqua’s commitment to historic preservation, the Colorado Chautauqua has reconstructed the historic 1899 Chautauqua Café. The Café, based on archival photographs, will benefit the thousands of visitors who cherish and adore the Chautauqua National Historic Landmark. Its tented seating area has prime Foothills views and will be a great place to enjoy ice cream, coffee, salads and sandwiches from the General Store. In Summer 2023, Chautauqua Cafe will feature Tails By The Trails story times for young children every second Tuesday at 10am and live acoustic music, beer and wine every other Saturday afternoon – 1PM – 3PM – from June 10th. 

The Original Café


When the Colorado Chautauqua was established in 1898, the Chautauqua Dining Hall was the first building completed. In 1899, Cottage 100, commonly known today as the “General Store” was built west of the Dining Hall and functioned as the Chautauqua Secretary’s office. In 1899, the open-air wooden pavilion known as the Chautauqua Café was built between the two buildings. This structure functioned as an adjunct to the Dining Hall, serving as an informal dining space and offering “coffee, short orders and cold meats.”

The Reconstructed Cafe


After receiving approval from the City of Boulder Landmarks Board and the State Historic Fund, Chautauqua recreated the Chautauqua Café in the original location between the Dining Hall and the General Store with one modification –  the addition of ADA walkways. This allows visitors to access the space through the existing ADA ramp at the west end of the General Store porch.


Stop by Anytime

The Chautauqua Café will be open to the public year-round. It is the perfect place for meetups, storytime, listening to live music or just gathering with friends and family. Guests are welcome to relax while enjoying coffee, ice cream, and healthy take-out food from the adjoining General Store. The Café will also soon be available for small private events, which can be arranged through Chautauqua’s friendly Guest Services team. Just fill out the Inquiry form here.

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