All Quiet On The Western Front (1929) – featuring Mont Alto Orchestra

Door Time: 6:00 PM

Join us for the much-anticipated return of Chautauqua’s Silent Film Series at the Chautauqua Auditorium! Featuring Mont Alto Orchestra providing musical accompaniment, this time-honored tradition at Chautauqua promises to entertain and delight with a unique performance for all ages. Like many other movies from 1928 and 1929, the epic film made from Erich Maria Remarque’s devastating wartime novel was filmed both as a sound film and as a silent film. The silent version was intended for those theaters — and countries — that had not converted to sound. These dual films reveal an interesting time in film history: silent filmmaking was a mature art, but sound films were often clumsy, being in their infancy. The sound version of All Quiet on the Western Front took the Oscar for best picture. But the silent version is every bit as much a masterpiece, perhaps more-so. This epic-length silent film will feature music by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, joined by a pit-crew of sound effects technicians.

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