Wednesday, June 17

Showtime: 7:30 PM

Chautauqua Auditorium

$12.00 ($6.00 Concert Member & children under 12)

The 1927 Hitchcock thriller “The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog” is described as the film that paved the way for Hitchcock’s later work by revealing his psychological attraction to the association between sex and murder.

In a Jack The Ripper-style serial murderer story, a man known as “The Avenger” is targeting blonde women on foggy London nights. The killer becomes a lodger at the home of the Bunting’s where he meets their blonde daughter, Daisy, who happens to be engaged to a detective, Joe. Over the course of the following weeks, the relationship between Daisy and the reclusive new lodger heats up. At the same time, Joe and his fellow policemen observe that the murders are moving toward the Buntings’ neighborhood, yet Daisy remains oblivious to any danger, and she and the lodger have a late night date. When Joe tracks them down, he is told by Daisy that their relationship is over. The heartbroken Joe is left to ponder his fortunes begin to piece the events of the previous weeks together. He convinces himself that the lodger is indeed the murdering Avenger, and the rest of the story unfolds in the suspenseful filming that became Hitchcock’s trademark.

Total running time: 89 minutes