The Magic of Adam Trent

Door time: 6:30

Show time: 7:30

Adam Trent presents a Magic show unlike any other in the world, fusing modern illusions, music and comedy in an extremely interactive way. Not only will volunteers come onstage to experience magic throughout the show, but certain tricks even happen in the each audience member’s hands across the theatre at the same time.

Adam looks to change people’s perception of magic- he doesn’t want audiences to remember just the “tricks” as much as the laughs and memories made with the performance.

He has been seen by literally billions of people around the globe- in person, and with his own TV series’ on NETFLIX and Disney Plus, and multiple appearances on America’s Got Talent, Ellen, The Today Show, and Disney Channel among countless other TV appearances. He is also one of the most viral content creators on the internet, racking up a staggering 7 Billion views in the last year alone.

Adam began performing local birthday party shows at age 9.

At age 14, he started busking as a street performer, which he says “was the most amazing and brutal training a performer could ever have”, because it taught me an audience’s true attention span- “The audience would just walk away if it got boring!”

At age 18, he moved to Los Angeles, where he got a crash course in LA’s music and comedy scene. “I realized that the most important element in any show is the performer’s connection to the audience. Without that, even amazing skill can fall as flat as a bad boy band.”

After breakout TV appearances launched his career, he began touring 250 shows per year in the biggest and most prestigious venues in the world, including Radio City Music Hall, Broadway, The Sydney Opera House, London’s West End, and The  Dolby and the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles.

He became the star of the hit Broadway show ‘The Illusionists’, which broke Broadway box office records made him the only magicians in history to have starred on Broadway 3 separate times.

“Adam Trent is unlike any magician working today, a funny, witty and accomplished entertainer — the next David Copperfield meets Justin Timberlake,” says creative producer Simon Painter, producer of Broadway’s ‘The Illusionists’ and top creative producer at Cirque du Soleil. “He has a knack for electrifying giant television and theatre audiences with his unique brand of magic.”

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