Friday, November 13

Showtime: 7:00 PM

Chautauqua Community House

$12.00 ($9.00 Concert Member) $1.00 veterans and active military

As part of Veteran’s Month celebrations, this evening will combine two extraordinary presentations about veterans coping with the impact of war. Join us for a special screening of “Enemy, My Friend?”, the remarkable story of Eric Lomax. Eric was a British officer POW cruelly tortured by the Japanese in World War II. He spent 50 years tracking down his tormentor. In 1993 they met again near the notorious Kwai bridge in Thailand, where the original torture had taken place. Would it end in tears, or violence? Documentary maker Mike Finlason was present at that unique meeting and made the only film record of what really happened. The subsequent events transformed the lives of both men. Eric forgave his former captor, while not forgetting, and Nagase and he became friends for the last 18 years of their lives. As part of his post -war treatment, Lomax wrote an award-winning, bestselling book, “The Railway Man,” which is now a major motion picture featuring Colin Firth & Nicole Kidman. Sadly, neither Nagase nor Lomax lived to see the film completed.

In addition, Megan Feldman will talk about her science-based research into the act of forgiveness that resulted in her 2015 book, “Triumph of the Heart: Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World.” As an award-winning journalist, Megan has profiled many veterans, their families and people from all walks of life who have experienced trauma. For the book, she traveled from inner city Baltimore and suburban Scottsdale and to the heart of Africa to explore the science and stories of interpersonal and inter-group forgiveness, including how and why people forgive after the worst kinds of wartime violence.