Tuesday, January 19

Showtime: 7:00 PM

Chautauqua Community House

$10.00 ($7.00 Concert Member)

Penned in Boulder, Maura Weiler’s bestselling debut novel, “Contrition,” follows Dorie McKenna, a journalist and adoptee who discovers that she has a twin sister who is a world-class painter. Dorie wants to introduce her sister’s genius to the public, but her twin is a cloistered nun who refuses to show or sell her work. Touted by Library Journal as “Fast moving yet philosophical… [A] fascinating debut,” Contrition went into its third printing just three weeks after publication.

As a screenwriter and former film executive, Weiler can’t read or write a novel without asking herself “Would this make a good movie?” Drawing examples from films she helped develop, she’ll discuss Hollywood’s current preference for books over original screenplays, what makes a piece of literature cinematic, why some adaptations work and others don’t, and how the process is currently unfolding for Contrition.

Weiler is a former columnist for The Connecticut Post and a trash artist whose work has been featured on NBC Television and in galleries and shows across the country. As director of development at Blue Tulip Productions at 20th Century Fox, she helped develop the screenplays for such films as “Speed,” “Twister,” “The Paperboy” and “Minority Report.”