Tuesday, August 9

Showtime: 7:30 PM

Chautauqua Auditorium

$12.00 ($6.00 Concert Member & children under 12)

The Uptown Boy, J. Harold Manners (Harold Lloyd) is a millionaire playboy who falls for the Downtown Girl, Hope (Jobyna Ralston) who works in Brother Paul’s (Paul Weigel) mission. In order to build up attendance and win Hope’s attention, Harold runs through town causing trouble and winds up with a crowd chasing him right into the mission. He eventually wins the girl and they marry, but not without some interference from his high-brow friends.

Also screened this evening will be Lloyd’s masterpiece short, “Number Please.” While at an amusement park, two men try to win the heart of a young lady. They compete with each other while attempting to find her runaway dog and they race to ask her mother’s permission to take her up in a hot air balloon. There is a classic scene in which Harold piles gag upon gag in a telephone booth.

Total running time 83 minutes