Wednesday, June 22

Showtime: 7:30 PM

Chautauqua Auditorium

$12.00 ($6.00 Concert Member & children under 12)

Based on a novel by Rafael Sabatini, “Bardelys the Magnificent” is set during the reign of King Louis XIII. Bardelys (John Gilbert) is a handsome courtier who can win any woman he sets his mind to…and is not above boasting about it to all who will listen. When Châtellerault fails to win the heart of the icy Roxalanne de Lavedan, he wagers his entire estate against that of Bardelys that Bardelys can’t either. On the way to the Lavedan estate, Bardelys stumbles upon a wounded and dying man, Lesperon, who asks Bardelys to say farewell to his beloved but dies before telling him her name. Bardelys takes his papers and assumes his identity, only to find that Lesperon is a traitor to the king.

Bardelys, as Lesperon, encounters the king’s soldiers who are hunting Lesperon, fights them and escapes, badly wounded, to the castle of Lavedan. Roxalanne hides him from the king’s soldiers and tends to his wounds. She nurses him to health and pledges her love, but when the guilt-ridden Bardelys refuses to marry her, and in the belief that he is betrothed to another lady, she angrily turns him over to the king’s men. Bardelys, still believed to be Lesperon, is brought to trial for treason—where Châtellerault is the judge. Châtellerault refuses to admit his identity and condemns him to death. Roxalanne finds Bardelys in prison, confesses her love, and agrees to marry Châtellerault in a desperate effort to save Bardelys’ life. What will happen next? Find out!

Running time: 90 minutes