Chautauqua Tree Tour

Event Time: 3:00 PM

Did you know Chautauqua has varieties of over 500 trees? Chautauqua’s enchantment lies in its setting, but the early settlers did little to cultivate the trees.  Only the hardy native vegetation could withstand the summer heat and winter snow. By comparison, todays Chautauqua hosts an abundant urban forest. Join tree experts Bill Briggs and Jeff Rump as they guide you through the flowering oasis of native and imported species that have been introduced in the past 120 year. Chautauqua has everything from Eastern White Pines to Kentucky Coffee Trees to Buckeyes, in addition to the familiar Ashes, Oaks, Elms, and Ponderosa Pines. Attend this complimentary one hour tour to learn about the trees of Chautauqua and their history.

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