Shadow Chasers: Studying our Solar System through Occultations

Featuring John Keller and Marc Buie

Presented By KUNC

Door time: 7:00

Show time: 7:30



John Keller, Director of CU Boulder Fiske Planetarium

Marc Buie, Southwest Research Institute

Stellar occultations are a powerful technique for measuring and learning about minor planets in our Solar System, (such as Kuiper Belt Objects, Centaurs, Trojans, and other groups of asteroids) that provide clues into the origin and evolution of our Solar System.  Planetary Scientists Marc Buie (Southwest Research Institute) and John Keller (CU Boulder) will share adventures involving hundreds of observers who have participated in occultation campaigns both locally and internationally to provide data critical to mission planning for the NASA New Horizons, Lucy, and other spacecraft. They will explain how community-engaged researchers are contributing to our understanding of the Solar System.

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