Orion Artemis I: Mission Around the Moon – SOLD OUT

Featuring Corey Brooker

Presented By KUNC

Door time: 7:00

Show time: 7:30

This presentation will focus on highlights from our Artemis I mission around the moon and give you a glimpse into what lies ahead for Orion as we look to return humans back to the Moon.

Corey Brooker:

Corey Brooker has been working on the Orion Program within the Commercial Civil Space Line of Business at Lockheed Martin Space for the past 16 years. He is currently the Senior Manager for Orion’s Systems Environments and Specialty Engineering. Systems Environments includes: Aerosciences (ascent & reentry aerodynamics, purge & vent, and plume impingement); Thermal analysis for Active and Passive thermal control systems; and the Loads & Dynamics analysis for events such as liftoff, ascent, acoustics, aborts, separation, docking, control, descent and landing. Specialty area includes: Reliability & Maintainability; Electromagnetic Compatibility & Interference; Radiation; and Micrometeorite and Orbital Debris analyses.

His previous role on Orion included leading the Launch Vehicle Integration efforts between Orion and the Space Launch System (SLS) for both Artemis-1 and Artemis-2. Lead the technical management for the Orion Exploration Flight Test-1 between LM and United Launch Alliance. He is a graduate of the LM Executive Development & Growth Enhancement (ED&GE) and Systems Engineering Mid-Career Advanced Program (SE MAP). In addition to his work on Orion, he is passionate about employee development & engagement, mentoring and supporting the community via STEM activities and public outreach.

Previous work experience includes over 12 years of Loads & Dynamics analysis for the launch vehicle development and production flights on the Atlas V and Delta IV evolved expendable launch vehicles. He has been a part of 4 Orion missions (PA-1, EFT-1, AA-2, and Artemis I), 10 Delta IV and 11 Atlas V successful mission flights with 100% Mission Success rate.

Corey holds a bachelor’s (1994) and master’s degree (1995) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. The proud father to 3 children: Alexis, Isabella and TJ, and husband of 28 years to my wife, Nikki, who runs a non-profit in our local community for mom’s struggling with mental health issues and postpartum depression.

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