Chautauqua Forward

© Jonathan B. Auerbach

© Jonathan B. Auerbach

Dear Valued Member,  

The Colorado Chautauqua Association (CCA) is pleased to announce the results of the recent membership vote on updated articles of incorporation and bylaws. The proposed changes to CCA’s bylaws required a 75% supermajority, or a three-to-one ratio of votes cast. Of the 1,853 eligible voters, 1,381 members, or 75%, voted far surpassing participation in previous elections. Of the 1,381 votes cast 1,044 voted to approve the proposed bylaws, or 76% per cent of members voting. 

The approved bylaws align with the best practices of modern nonprofit organizations and will result in more equitable community representation on the CCA Board. After determining what skills, talents and experience are needed to effectively govern Chautauqua, the Board will now seek nominations from the community to fill future Board positions.  

The updated bylaws also allow the CCA Board to consider changes as needed to the bylaws without going to the membership for a 75% majority vote. Unencumbered by an antiquated and restrictive governance structure, the Board can now take input from a wide variety of stakeholders and engage in a collaborative governing process. 

With this vote, you have resoundingly affirmed that Chautauqua belongs to all of us. Because of our members’ participation and support, we can now address the governance concern identified by the Boulder City Attorney and take an important step forward in securing a healthy Chautauqua for generations to come.  

Whether or not you voted, and no matter how you voted, the entire board and staff of the Colorado Chautauqua values your feedback and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure Chautauqua remains a place for everyone.   


Shelly Benford 

Executive Director, Colorado Chautauqua Association