Wednesday, May 3

Showtime: 7:00 PM

Chautauqua Community House

$12.00 ($9.00 Concert Member)*

A larger than life Buffalo Bill-like character, Joseph Bevier Sturtevant took on the alter ego of Rocky Mountain Joe when Chautauqua opened its doors in 1898. A skilled photographer and self-described Boulder icon promoting the romance of frontier life, Joe sold the nostalgia of the Wild West to early twentieth century tourists and his tales have been unquestioned since his death in 1910. What is fascinating about the legend of Rocky Mountain Joe is that many of his stories are actually true — they just did not happen to him. The truth behind Boulder’s legendary photographer proves much more intriguing than the dime-novel tales Joe told. Learn the real story of Rocky Mountain Joe from an expert who has been researching and uncovering the truth in archives and private collections about this local legendary character.

About the Speaker:

Mona Lambrecht is the Curator of History and Collections at the University of Colorado Heritage Center, a social historian, and genealogist who specializes in researching history at the local level. She focuses on uncovering the details that place individuals and families into the historical context of their communities. Lambrecht has worked on a variety of projects in the Denver-Metro and Boston areas, taught history at Metropolitan State University, and received funding from the Colorado Humanities for her research on Rocky Mountain Joe. She is the author of Boulder 1859-1919 and curated the CU Heritage Center exhibition Print the Legend: The Real Story of Photographer Rocky Mountain Joe, and continues her research for a future book about the life of Joseph Sturtevant.

Photo courtesy of Colorado Chautauqua Association Archives.

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