Tuesday, October 23

Doors: 6:30 PM
Showtime: 7:00 PM

Chautauqua Community House

$12.00 ($9.00 Concert Member)*

Kitty Banner – one of first women to forge the glaciers and wilds of Alaska for climbers wishing to summit Denali – presents “Wings of Her Dreams.” The narrative features 240 full-color photographs detailing her flights, landings and takeoffs on high altitude glaciers loaded with gear and mountain climbers from all over the world who came to Talkeetna to attempt ascent of one of the toughest mountains on earth, Denali.

The world has historically looked upon aviation as a man’s domain. “Names like Wright, Doolittle, and Lindbergh seem to dominate the field of aviation,” said James A. Lovell, Jr. commander of Apollo 13, aviation contemporary and friend of the Banner family. “But this book tells a different story. Here you will find the adventures of Kitty Banner, who battled the weather and terrain as an Alaskan bush and glacier pilot.”

Join Kitty Banner for a captivating evening of stories and inspiration from her incredible aviation experiences.

About the Authors:

Ann Lewis Cooper is a commercial pilot and flight instructor. However, she is best known for promoting women in aviation as an aviation author. She has authored more than 700 magazine articles, acted as editor of aviation publications, and written several biographies.

Bob Seemann was born and raised in New England; his father a decorated WW ll veteran and his mother, an accomplished artist. Kitty Banner was his flight instructor; Bob obtained his license in Alaska and is still an avid pilot.

Kitty Banner was one of the first female pilots to co-found and co-own an Alaskan Air Taxi Service. The flourishing K2, named for Kitty Banner and Kimball Forrest, to this day, welcomes climbers, hunters, photographers, sightseers, fishermen, and adventurers to the compelling Alaskan Range near Talkeetna.

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