Wednesday, January 10

Doors: 6:30 PM
Showtime: 7:00 PM

Chautauqua Community House

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Dr. Edgar Mitchell, along with eleven other Apollo moonwalkers during six historic moon missions (July 1969 to December 1972), helped change our perceptions of Earth. Suddenly, it was possible for humans to leave our planet and walk on a different heavenly body. Edgar Mitchell was the Lunar Module Pilot for the Apollo 14 flight that lasted from January 31, 1971 to February 9, 1971. He traveled to the moon with Commander Alan Shepard and Command Module Pilot Stuart Roosa. Mitchell and Shepard walked on the lunar surface for nearly nine hours over two days. They completed many science experiments, collected nearly one hundred pounds of moon rocks, and are on record for the longest moonwalk on foot of any Apollo astronaut. On return to Earth in the spacecraft, Mitchell had a transcendent “Samadhi in space” that forever changed his life and was integral in his founding of the renowned Institute of Noetic Sciences. Ellen will be discussing the life of astronaut Edgar Mitchell, his work on the Apollo 14 program, and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

About the Author:

Ellen Mahoney is a journalist, educator and author with a focus on writing nonfiction. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Human Development from Syracuse University, and a Master of Science in Education from USC. Ellen is the author of “Nellie Bly and Investigative Journalism for Kids” published in 2015 by Chicago Review Press. In addition, she is the co-author, with the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell, of “Earthrise: My Adventures as an Apollo 14 Astronaut.” Ellen teaches in the Department of Journalism & Technical Communication at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Previously, she taught writing at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and through the Lifelong Learning program with the Boulder Valley School District.

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