Three to Trango with Matt Segal, Jesse Huey, & Jordan Cannon

Presented By KGNU

Doors: 7:00

Showtime: 7:30

Join us for an inspiring evening as we delve into the remarkable journey of professional climbers Matt Segal, Jesse Huey, and Jordan Cannon. They will share their extraordinary achievement of completing the second-ever free ascent of the challenging “Cowboy Direct” route on Pakistan’s iconic Nameless Tower. These intrepid adventurers will take you on a gripping narrative through the heart of their 20,469-foot expedition, shedding light on the various challenges they faced, the unbreakable spirit that drove them forward, and the success that crowned their relentless efforts. Stick around after the presentation for an engaging Q&A session where you can interact with these legendary climbers and gain insights into their world of high-altitude exploration.

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