Door time: 5:00 PM

Showtime: 6:00 PM

TEDxBoulder is an independently organized event that brings together innovative thinkers, thought leaders, and change-makers from various disciplines to share their ideas and inspire meaningful conversations. With a commitment to “Ideas Worth Spreading,” TEDxBoulder has established itself as a platform for intellectual stimulation and fostering community engagement since 2010 when it held it’s first event right here at Chautauqua. Since then the talks have been viewed over 25 million times and seven of the talks have been reedited and featured on TED.com.

TEDxBoulder provides a unique platform for both local and global voices, encouraging individuals to share their ideas that have the potential to shape the world we live in. The event embraces innovation, inclusivity, and the power of dialogue, aiming to challenge conventional thinking and ignite transformative change.

Attendees of TEDxBoulder have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking talks, interactive experiences, and collaborative discussions. The event fosters an environment where curiosity is celebrated, where ideas collide, and where individuals are encouraged to explore new frontiers of knowledge and understanding. The theme of this year’s event is Then & Now.

Join TEDxBoulder as we embark on a journey of exploration, inspiration, and transformation. Together, let’s embrace the power of ideas and inspire a world where imagination knows no bounds.


Topic: Age

Topic: Community

Topic: Modern Values

Topic: Diet Culture

Topic: Outdated Ideas

Topic: Psychedelics

Topic: Differences + Trust

Topic: The Trombone

Topic: Fertility

Topic: Crises

Topic: Teachers of Color


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