How to Lead an Outer Space Lifestyle

Featuring Kirby Runyon

Presented By KUNC

Door time: 7:00

Show time: 7:30


Outer space inspires hearts and fires imaginations. What if your vacations were like mini-spaceflights? What if your daily routine had a touch of the awe of the Cosmos? Planetary geologist and professional space enthusiast Dr. Kirby Runyon shares his story about how Lifestyle-Outer Space fires him up.

Dr. Kirby Runyon holds a PhD in planetary geology and is a research scientist with the Planetary Science Institute, a NASA-sponsored non-profit research corporation. He also is the CEO of Planex – Planetary Experience Consulting and coaches flyers in weightlessness for the Zero Gravity Corporation. His mission is to explore space and to take the world along for the ride.

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