Celebracíon de la Comunidad ft. Gaby Moreno

Nosotros estamos requeriendo cubrebocas dentro del Auditorium y la Casa de la Comunidad. 

Masks must be worn at all times while inside the Auditorium and Community House. To read more, click here.

Event Time: 3:00PM – 7:00PM

¡Diversión para toda la famila! Esta es la primera celebración bilingüe de Chautauqua celebrando a la comunidad Latinx. La celebración está compuesta de comida, cuentos, y un concierto con la ganadora del Grammy Latino Gaby Moreno, y Verena. ¡Gratis con registro!

Fun for the whole family! Capping off Latino Heritage month, Chautauqua will be hosting our first bilingual Latinx Celebration, which will highlight its cultural vitality.  Developed with support from local Latinx partners, educators and artists, this year’s event includes food trucks, storytelling and an evening performance by Gaby Moreno, Latin Grammy Winner, featuring special guest Verena.


Gaby Moreno
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Since moving to Los Angeles from her native Guatemala, singer-songwriter-producer Gaby Moreno has released 5 albums, earned a Grammy nomination for her album, Illusion (Best Latin Pop Album, 2017), an Emmy nomination (for co-writing the “Parks & Recreation” theme song), and won a Latin Grammy (Best New Artist, 2013).  In 2006 she took the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the first contestant in the Latin category to win Song of the Year (she’s now a judge). Gaby also sings the theme song and voices a character (Marlena) on the multi Emmy Award-winning Disney children’s television series, “Elena of Avalor,” which features Disney’s first Latina princess.


With support from Verena Instagram | Facebook

Hi! I’m Verena, a singer and songwriter from Mexico. I want to share with you and the world my love for music. Since my first musical experience as a toddler I knew that I had found something to devote my entire life to. At the age of 12, I discovered there was a way of sharing what I thought and felt through my own words and melodies, so I started songwriting and it remains as one of  my greatest passions. I’m someone who thinks that music could truly drive positive change into the world. I think it does it every day, every time people connect through it, and it is my biggest dream to be able to participate in making it happen. When I write a song I feel like I can finally understand myself, what’s happening to me at the moment. Thanks to music everything just makes sense to me, and I wish with all my heart that mine can make someone out there feel the same way.



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