Digital Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a fun Halloween activity for your friends and family? Visit our historic campus October 22 – 31 for a FREE digital place-based gaming experience!


1) Download the Loquiz app from your favorite app store.

-Make sure to do this before scanning the QR code.

-QR code will not work without Loquiz app.

2) Use the QR code while in the app to launch game.

-Code will only work when game goes live.

3) Use the app to journey through the Chautauqua campus to find Halloween-themed pins and earn points to claim a prize.

-You may start the game at any GPS-generated pin.

-Scan the code below once Loquiz app is downloaded!


1) Why do I get an error message when I use the QR code?

-You must first download the Loquiz app from the App Store and then use the QR code to start the game.

2) I get an error message that the states the username and password are wrong!

-The QR code should populate the correct credentials; however, if you receive an error message, use the following:

  • Username: CCA1
  • Password: 1932
3) All I see is a jumbled mess of pins.

-Zoom in (hit +) to enlarge the map and view the pins spaced out.

4) We are walking to the pins but nothing’s happening.

-Make sure your GPS location is on.

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