Charles Pellerin: “A New Physics in Our Lifetime?”

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While we have a deep understanding of physics here on earth, 95% of the Universe remains perplexing. We first explore the central role of experiments in advancing science. Then, examine a program created by the speaker to find this “new physics” using telescopes in space that span the electromagnetic spectrum. Spoiler alert: It has not succeeded, yet! 

Charles (Charlie) Pellerin, PhD (Astrophysics), MBA (Harvard)

In 1970, NASA/Goddard Space Center gave Charlie their highest patent-related monetary award for a “Two-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer” (US patent). He published in IEEE Transactions, then earned a PhD in Astrophysics from Catholic University publishing in Solar Physics and the Astrophysical Journal. He then received Catholic University’s Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science. Charlie earned an “Executive MBA” at the Harvard Business School’s Program for Management Development.

In 1983, Charlie became NASA’s Director, Astrophysics. He led this multi-billion-dollar program for a decade building and launching 12 satellites. NASA awarded him the Creative Management Award, then an Outstanding Leadership Medal for excellence. Charlie invented the Great Observatories Program garnering over $20 Billion for space astrophysics. For this, the American Astronautical Society gave Charlie their highest award, the Space Flight Award.

In 1990, Charlie’s team sent Hubble Space Telescope into space with a flawed mirror. He then mounted the space repair mission that fixed the telescope. For this NASA awarded him a very unusual 2nd Outstanding Leadership Medal. Nominated by NASA’s Chief of Staff, NASA awarded him the Distinguished Service Medal, “when the contribution is so extraordinary that other forms of recognition would be inadequate” for leadership of the Astrophysics Program. Charlie received a “Presidential Rank” award from Ronald Regan and from Bill Clinton for “sustained superior accomplishment.” 

In 1995, Charlie founded “4-D Systems” with sales of $50 Million during 2002 to 2012. His team won the International Coach Federation’s 2007 Prism Award for “enhanced excellence and business achievement with quantitative measurements…” 
His book, How NASA Builds Teams (Wiley, 2009) sells well in English and nine other languages. Charlie’s current passion is supporting human-developers worldwide in using his “4-D processes” to manage team Social Contexts, enhancing business performance and peoples’ lives.

China Aerospace recently made Charlie an “Honorary Professor,” and Asia America Multi-Tech Association of China made Charlie a “Professor,” the 1st foreigner and 9th person ever to receive this honor.
Following Hubble’s 25th anniversary, David Frigerio, a LA-based screenwriter wrote a movie about Charlie’s life and Hubble. Screenplay completed, we have a production company, All3 Medi with a “Sizzle Reel,” to market the film. 

In 2020, he hand-flew a Boeing 767-400 simulator (in the left seat) taxing, taking off, and landing using the Instrument Landing System (“ILS”).

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