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Everyone at Chautauqua is excited to welcome fans and live music back. Our priority is to return to live events as safely as possible. Here’s what our patrons can expect at Chautauqua events this summer.  

It’s important to follow these protocols to ensure everyone’s safety and to help keep shows playing at Chautauqua. For a comprehensive document detailing what our entire organization is doing to adapt to Covid-19, please see here

Throughout the season, all events will be held in alignment with government guidelines, as well as the decisions of our host presenter organizations. Please know that conditions and event capacities may be updated throughout the summer.  



Face Coverings 

Due to the ongoing risk of COVID-19 in our state, the continued use of masks in crowded settings is recommended if you are not vaccinated. 

Creating Social Distance 

Your Chautauqua experience has been modified to support social distancing guidelines during eventsCertain events this summer will separate the Auditorium into sections to reduce contact with others as much as possible. If your ticket indicates which section your seat is in, and which Auditorium entrance to use, please make your way to the appropriate door upon arrival 

Certain events will feature blocked off seats to create social distancing in the Auditorium. Unfortunately, if you try to access seats or sections other than those your ticket designates, you may be subject to ejection from the show. It is important for you to keep your ticket so we can identify your correct location. 

Restrooms will also be subject to social distancing, and we will be limiting the allowable capacity inside the restrooms. We appreciate your patience with this new policy. 

Venue Sanitization 

Prior to all scheduled events, our venues are cleaned and sanitized with products deemed effective by the EPA. High-touch surfaces and common areas such as door handles, counters and tables are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the Auditorium and campus, and we encourage patrons to make frequent use of them. 

Staff Health Screenings 

There will be staff on site to assist you during your visit and to help with everyone’s compliance with these protocols. Staff members will go through a health screening prior to their shift and maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from you and others whenever possible. 

Patron Symptom Screenings 

There will be a symptom screening for each patron prior to entering the Auditorium. If a guest is deemed to have any symptoms, they will unfortunately not be allowed into the event, and given a refund through the Chautauqua Box Office (303.440.7666 / boxoffice@chautauqua.com). 



Follow Venue Guidelines 

Follow all venue guidelines and signage during your visit, practice social distancing and wash or sanitize your hands frequently.  

Wear Face Coverings 

The continued use of masks in crowded settings is recommended by the CDC.

Stay Home If You Are Sick 

If you or someone in your party feels sick or is showing symptoms of COVID-19, including fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, nausea, etc., or have been in close contact with anyone confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you respect the safety of others and stay home. Refunds or exchanges will be provided through the Chautauqua Box Office (303.440.7666 / boxoffice@chautauqua.com). 

Stay With Your Party 

For all events, we ask that you and your party maintain social distance from other parties to the best of your ability while attending an event here at Chautauqua. Please stay within your designed section and do not mingle with unassociated parties during the event. 

Respect Everyone 

Chautauqua is one big family, so please be respectful of fellow fans including everyone’s desire for space, face coverings and a touchless experience. 

Be Patient 

We’re all in this together! By adhering to the guidelines above, we can keep Chautauqua safe for everyone while enjoying a one-of-a-kind experience. 
If you have questions or see something that needs our attention during your event, alert a staff member or contact us at 303.442.3282 or info@chautauqua.com 
We look forward to seeing you this summer!