About Our Camp

You’ll never forget Camp Chautauqua!

Camp Chautauqua is an enriching experience designed to help children ages 6-13 tap into their potential and creativity, find their passions, release their spirit of adventure, forge a stronger connection to nature, and develop important leadership skills.

At Camp Chautauqua, we use games and other activities to help kids identify the daily challenges in their lives and transform them into stepping stones to achievement.

Our campers learn the power of story-telling, how to use their strengths to communicate with others, how to lead and how to interact with people from other cultures.

And they learn it all while having loads of FUN during action packed weeks of games, arts and crafts, hiking, challenge courses, wilderness skills and much more!


Campers will team up with counselors and set out on specially-designed adventures! Stay tuned for more information about our 2019 programs.



Learning sticks when it’s enjoyable! At Camp Chautauqua, our games and activities are designed to make learning fun.


Camp Chautauqua is a place to keep an open mind and to explore differences and similarities.


Campers take a step out of their comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment.


Campers at Chautauqua learn to respect themselves, respect others, and respect others’ property.

Spirit of Adventure

Chautauqua is a magical place full of opportunities to connect with nature. Campers explore the outdoors, while also learning how to protect the environment.

Service to others

Campers learn that many of the world’s most successful people turn their passion into action and serve others.