Chautauqua Women’s Retreat

March 31 – April 3, 2022

Gaze in awe at majestic mountains while sipping a cup of tea or lie in the grass with arms outstretched in the spring sunshine. Walk through forests, inhaling the scent of pine and listening to the secrets of the wind as it grazes your cheeks. Indulge in the magic of fire ceremony and soul-stirring music. Find repose in the same cottages and lodges as generations of women who drew strength from this magical place.

When was the last time you harnessed the power of nature, movement and connection with other women to fill your mind, body and soul with possibility?

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Private Bedroom and Bath in Missions House Lodge: $1250 per person

Private Studio Cottage: $1395 per person

Special Pre and Post Retreat Lodging Rates Available

Five Reasons to Attend 

Woman with glass of wine sitting in chair and looking at Flatirons mountains

1. The Perfect Time and Place for Reflection and Self-Discovery

Women like you take on so much – from nurturing home and family to navigating work, health and money worries. This is a necessary moment to rebuild depleted reserves, forge new relationships, and learn health-giving practices that will help you rediscover YOU. Spring in the Rockies offers a natural metaphor for feminine renewal with joyful meadow flowers sprouting in the shade of snow-capped peaks. Chautauqua’s proximity to downtown Boulder and Denver International Airport and doorstep access to iconic mountain views and trails, have made our Flatirons campus a favorite women’s retreat destination for over 120 years.

2. A Rich and Varied Program

Our retreat program has been intentionally designed by an all-female team with a passion for women’s wellness and empowerment. The goal: to create a memorable and unifying experience for women of all ages and from all walks of life. Your time here has been curated to tap into Chautauqua’s stunning natural surroundings through silent hikes and forest bathing and to introduce restorative practices such as intention setting, Vinyasa yoga, and cacao ceremonies. At every stage, our speakers and staff will offer the comfort and encouragement that make this a renewing – and potentially transformational – retreat.

three women hike uphill
Missions House exterior

3. Lodging in our Award-Winning Lodges and Cottages

The eight-bedroom (each with adjoining private bathroom), Craftsman-style, Missions House Lodge features a galleried reception and dining area, cozy fireplace and comfortable queen beds. Hosting our retreat there offers retreat participants an intimate space for programs, socializing and rest. How apt that this lodge was opened in 1911 as a school for women’s self-improvement! If you prefer a more private arrangement, charming self-contained studio cottages with full kitchens are also available.  Whichever you choose, you will bask in the hopeful spirits of women who found respite, discovery and connection at Chautauqua over the centuries.

4. Food that Inspires, Invigorates and Delights

Part of the joy of a retreat is delicious food that satisfies hunger and fires creativity through bright fresh ingredients and flavors. Our food is healthful, energy-giving and sourced sustainably and locally.  Working closely with our farm-to-table partners at the celebrated Chautauqua Dining Hall, we have designed a feast for your senses. Highlights include gourmet Colorado bistro cuisine, teas from the unique Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, a spiritual cacao ceremony and an indulgent, luxury picnic.  Every dietary need is catered to. Our intention is that you savor the memory of these meals with new friends long after you return home.

Egg food
Woman with glass of wine sitting in chair and looking at Flatirons mountains

5. Be part of history in the making

This is the first women’s retreat curated by Chautauqua since the golden years of the Chautauqua Movement in the early 20th Century. Women were at the core of that movement which embraced the values of lifelong learning, love of nature, voluntary simplicity and music, oration and The Arts. Those values are still vitally relevant for women today and remain at the core of the modern Chautauqua experience and our 2022 women’s retreat. By attending, you will enrich your life and become part of Chautauqua’s rich tapestry of women learners and leaders.

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Private Bedroom and Bathroom in the Missions House Lodge: $1250 per person

Private Studio Cottage: $1395 per person

Special Pre and Post Retreat Lodging Rates Available

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