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“The quality and variety of the programming; the Chautauqua staff’s amazing support; the coming together of strangers who became friends; the lively pace of activities – what a combination!”

“I still get chills, every now and then, when I reflect on the Cacao Ceremony. What an incredibly unique experience!! And the flower mandalas – well, it helped me see that women, in particular, like to create things of beauty. Many of us don’t stop often enough to think about that, but there it was: an opportunity to create beauty. And then the amethyst crystals that followed … mine is in a south window right now”

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Couple walking towards dining hall summer

“Rohini was a rockstar. She truly embodies leading and bringing people together in a safe space, allowing people to be where they are at, and promoting growth and reflection. I hadn’t done many of the things that were set up for the retreat and went out of my comfort zone because someone set them up for me and created a safe environment to experience without judgment.”

“I have dreamed of staying at Chautauqua since I was a little girl. This was a dream come true for me.”


Back patios of cabins with happy couple on center patio
Couple walking towards dining hall summer

“It was the most relaxing weekend I have had in years.”

My goodness, everything about the retreat was superb.”

Couple walking towards dining hall summer
Couple walking towards dining hall summer

Overall, the staff, the accommodations, the food, and the events were beautiful and renewing.”

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Spring Retreat Dates: September 26 – 29, 2024
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