Liberty Puzzles at the General Store

The Chautauqua General Store is pleased to partner with local Boulder favorite, Liberty Puzzles!

Established in Boulder in 2005, Liberty Puzzles are a nostalgic entry into a new golden age of wooden jigsaw puzzles. Inspired by the hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles of yore, and utilizing the technology of our modern age, their puzzles are laser cut. This allows them to create beautifully complex pieces, including “whimsy” pieces, hand-designed in the shape of plants, animals, and geometric designs that complement the image of each one of their puzzles.

Check out the two Chautauqua inspired puzzles sold at the General Store:

A portion of the proceeds from this puzzle go to the Boulder County Wildfire Fundby The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County, to benefit those in our community who lost their houses in the Marshall Fire.

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