Chautauqua + Cal-Wood

Art In The Park 2023

 The birdhouses are back! For the third year in a row, CalWood education center has repurposed wood from the 2020 fire to be used as a canvas for works created by artists and displayed at Chautauqua/ Each birdhouse is a symbol of hope and resilience as well as a celebration of community. This Art in the Park involved not only nationally renowned creatives, but also many young artists including a 13 year old, Watershed School, Denver Waldorf School and a student from Auruora Science and Tech Middle School.

Auction proceeds will benefit participating artists, Cal-Wood Education Center’s ongoing recovery efforts, and Colorado Chautauqua’s vital wildfire protection initiatives.

We hope you enjoy the auction and visit the birdhouses often in the magical campus and majestic gardens of the Colorado National Historic Landmark, now through October 16.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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