Radiant Divine Frequencies

The General Store is now offering an assortment of Sacred Botica Aromatherapy sprays from local maker Martha Judith, owner and creator of Boulder’s Radiant Divine Frequencies. These wonderfully scented sprays are divinely inspired, mindfully sourced, and sacredly handcrafted to enhance your overall well-being. Use them for grounding and comforting, to spark joy and lift your spirit, or to bring a sense of peace and calm. In her own words, Judith’s intentions are “…for the Aromatherapy Sprays to support the individual’s wellbeing and enhance the spaces they use it in. I use artesian spring water from the Rocky Mountains in their creation. The Aromatherapy Sprays are created in Boulder, using locally sourced water, and further structured using certain crystals,”. Experience Radiant Divine Frequencies right here at the Chautauqua General Store and learn more about Radiant Divine at Metatron Energy Healing | Sacred Botica || Radiant Divine Frequencies (radiantdivinefrequencies.com) and follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @RadiantDivineFrequencies

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