Gardening with Wildlife

How do you deal with the challenges posed by wildlife at Chautauqua?

Wildlife poses challenges for us here at Chautauqua, as it does for most gardeners. Rabbits and deer are our main issue, and for the most part we leave them alone and are tolerant of some browsing. We try and improve our odds by selecting plants that have shown to be a little less appealing. That said, when deer, rabbits or voles are hungry they will take an interest in almost any plant. We have had some success with intermingling a few plants they find desirable with a few undesirables (think tulips intermingled with daffodils) and very occasionally we install temporary fencing or netting. It can also be quite effective to simply shoo them on their way. They will likely make their way back, but we believe it might make them just a little uncomfortable so they choose to dine elsewhere. 

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