Venues / Chautauqua Green


Located in front of the Dining Hall, this open, grassy space can accommodate large groups and offers unobstructed views of the Flatirons.

Chautauqua Green is owned and operated by the City of Boulder. You will need to book your space directly with the City.  For more information, please call the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department at 303-413-7200 or click here.

After you have booked your space with City of Boulder, our team will be delighted to assist with the lodging and catering for your wedding on the Chautauqua Green.  Our naturally safe lodging (60 stand-alone cottages and lodges from studio to eight bedrooms), farm-to-table dining and catering is the closest available to Chautauqua Green, so this is especially convenient for your guests. To make lodging or catering arrangements, please call 303 952 1612 or email:

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