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Tree Stewards

The historic Chautauqua grounds are covered with almost 500 trees of every variety. Today, 30 percent of that tree canopy is threatened by the Emerald Ash Borer.

Help preserve and sustain the natural beauty of Chautauqua for generations to come by becoming a Tree Steward.  Tree Steward contributions help plant new trees, treat and remove trees, or go where the need is greatest.

Plant a New Tree

$1000 per tree

Honor someone special, commemorate a special event or create a living asset to the surrounding community by planting a tree at Chautauqua.

Your contribution will be used to purchase trees to be planted on CCA-managed property within Zones 1-6 of the Colorado Chautauqua (see map) and cared for by CCA grounds personnel. Contributions for one or more trees are gratefully accepted. Your generosity will be acknowledged in the list of Tree Donors on this page. When the tree is planted, a virtual marker acknowledging your donation will be available on an interactive map available at

Although tree orders are accepted year-round, trees will only be planted in the spring to give the trees the best chance to survive. The CCA horticulturist and forester will select the appropriate trees for specific sites within the park. Trees may include the 15 species featured in the slideshow above.

Trees are currently being planted in Zones 2 and 3. All trees are 2” caliper trees or larger. The first tree planting will be spring of 2017. Once the trees are planted, donors will receive a notice of the location of their tree and it will be posted on a virtual map on

General Tree Steward Fund

Donations of any size are welcome and make a difference! Donations to the Tree Steward General Fund will be used where the need is greatest and may include tree treatment, removal, or planting of new trees on CCA-managed property.

Tree Steward General Fund Donors

Tree Varieties at Chautauqua


Native Rocky Mountain Glow Maple / Acer Grandidentatum


Concolor Fir / Abies Concolor


Autumn Blaze Maple / Acer X Freemanii


Emerald Queen Norway Maple / Acer Platanoides


Silver Maple / Acer Saccharinum


Autumn Splendor Ohio Buckeye / Aesculus Glabra


Native Ponderosa Pine / Pinus Ponderosa


Western Catalpa / Catalpa Speciosa


Kentucky Coffeetree / Gymnocladus Dioicus


Panicled Golden Rain Tree / Koelreuteria Paniculata


Native Colorado Spruce / Picea Pungens


Native Douglas Fir / Pseudotsuga Menziesii


Swamp White Oak / Quercus Bicolor


Northern Red Oak / Quercus Rubra


Sterling Silver Linden / Tilia Tomentosa


(See Larger Interactive Map)

Tree Donors