Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


At the Colorado Chautauqua, our goal is to reduce our waste stream to a mere trickle.

Throughout the grounds and in all of our cottages, lodges, offices and venues are compost and recycling receptacles. A single stream recycling program makes recycling of a wide variety of metal, plastic, glass and paper products easy and effective.  Approximately 75 percent of our overnight guests participate in a voluntary compost program and the Dining Hall operator converts much of its food waste into feed for its farm animals.

Throughout our meeting venues, including the Dining Hall and Community House, we employ Zero Waste techniques through the use of compostable materials including plates, napkins, utensils and cups.

To further reduce energy and water consumption, daily housekeeping services and fresh linens are provided upon request.

In addition, all our yard and tree trimmings are collected and converted to mulch to be used in our gardens and flower beds.

When renovating our historic buildings, reclaimed building materials are used to the extent possible, diverting 65 percent of construction waste from landfills through recycling and re-use.

In our general operations, we strive to purchase products in bulk and that are made with recycled materials and that utilize recyclable packaging.