Eco-Friendly Products

© Melissa Iversen

© Melissa Iversen

We continue to raise the bar on our efforts to seek out the highest quality products that are all natural, non-toxic and have minimal impact on the earth.

Chemical-free Landscaping: Healthier for guests, wildlife, plants and the planet, we use organic materials like manure to nurture the grounds and gardens within the historic district. In addition, all our yard and tree trimmings are collected and converted to mulch that is used in our gardens and flower beds.

Bee Friendly Community: Colorado Chautauqua Association has taken the pledge to make the Colorado Chautauqua Bee Safe. We use only non-neonicontinoid products and plant flowers, tress and shrubs that provide the pollen and nectar that bees and other pollinators need.

Bath Amenities: In our guest cottages you will find a selection of all natural products, which feature guest- and earth-friendly ingredients and waste reducing or compostable packaging.

Housekeeping: The cleaning products that our housekeepers use are Green Seal approved, non-toxic and biodegradable — safer for them, for you and for the environment. All products are purchased in bulk to reduce cost and waste.

Retail: In the gift shop located in our Lodging office, we offer earth-friendly products featuring organically or sustainably grown fibers, non-toxic BPA-free materials, and environmentally sound production processes.

Paper: All the paper products used throughout the Colorado Chautauqua are made from recycled or sustainable materials. Our marketing materials and correspondence are printed on recycled or FSC certified paper whenever possible.