Gift A Tree

Make a powerful gesture of hope in the future. Give the gift of trees at Chautauqua!

Honor someone special, commemorate a birthday, wedding or graduation, create a special spot to return to on our campus – or simply plant a timely seed of hope in these challenging times. Make a living gift to Chautauqua and the surrounding community that marks the seasons for decades.

Although tree orders are accepted year-round, trees will only be planted in the spring or fall to give the trees the best chance to survive. The CCA horticulturist and forester will select from 15 species to plant the appropriate trees for specific sites within the park. Trees may include the species featured in the slideshow on left.

Trees are currently being planted in Zones 2 and 3. All trees are 2” caliper (diameter) or larger. Once the trees are planted, donors will receive a notice of the location of their tree and it will be posted on a virtual map on


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