Friday, April 24

Showtime: 7:30 PM

Chautauqua Community House

$20.00 ($17.00 Chautauqua Concert Member)

The Mulligan Brothers self-titled debut album begins with a mournful fiddle supported by the steady undercurrent of bass and drums. As Ross Newell begins his haunting tale of forbidden plantation love, it is clear that the song will end in death and heartbreak, but well-written songs don’t need a catchy chorus or a happy ending to win over an audience or to be played over and over.

The Mulligan Brothers, from Mobile and Baton Rouge, is Newell on lead vocals and guitar, Gram Rea on vocals, fiddle, mandolin and harmonica, Greg DeLuca on drums and Ben Leininger on upright suitcase bass. Their name represents a second chance for the four musicians who finally found the combination that is right for them. “A Mulligan in golf is a ‘do over’ and that is what this band is for us,” says Rea. “We wanted a chance to figure this out the right way.”

Join us for an incredible night of music crossing the border between folk rock, Americana and alternate country as the Mulligan Brothers debut their second album “Via Portland.”