Sunday, December 20

Doors: 7:00 PM
Showtime: 7:00 PM

Chautauqua@Home - Virtual Program

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When corrupt Governor Alvarado crushes the poor people of Spanish California under his iron heel, wealthy fop Don Diego Vega sheds his silks, dons a mask and cape and becomes the legendary Zorro, defender of the people. Infuriated by Zorro’s meddling, Alvarado dispatches his right-hand man, Captain Ramon, who has a score to settle with Zorro for stealing away the object of his desire: the lovely Lolita Pulido.

About the Musical Accompaniment:
The Silent Cinema Trio started as an experiment in group-improvisation in 2007, playing the animated silent feature The Adventures of Prince Achmed, and has performed at Chautauqua almost every year since. It is always unpredictable and exciting to take part in this ensemble.
Hank Troy has been performing improvised piano scores for decades and founded the Chautauqua Silent Film Series. For the Silent Cinema Trio, he is joined by Rodney Sauer of the Mont Alto Orchestra on accordion, and Denver percussionist Ed Contreras, who works in many local bands including Black Water and Laughing Hands and teaches world percussion at Swallow Hill Music.

The Silent Cinema Trio’s approach sometimes includes preparing a few musical themes ahead of the film, but for much of the score they are watching the film along with the audience, responding with mood changes and changes of musical material as the film requires. Much of what you are hearing is made up on the spot, as Hank listens to anticipate where Rodney’s musical melody is going, Rodney adapts to new tempos and harmonic changes set in the piano, and both react to  the background groove of Ed’s rhythmic treatment and Foley work

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