Wednesday, July 6

Showtime: 7:30 PM

Chautauqua Auditorium

$12.00 ($6.00 Concert Member & children under 12)

Buster (Buster Keaton), a sidewalk tintype portrait photographer in New York City, develops a crush on Sally (Marceline Day), a secretary who works for MGM Newsreels. To be near her, empties his bank account, purchases an old film camera and attempts to get a job as one of MGM’s cameramen. After many misadventures, Buster returns to his old job but does not give up on filming. He discovers that he has some great footage after all and sends it to MGM free of charge. The boss decides to screen it and is thrilled by what he sees; calling it the best camerawork he has seen in years.

“The Cameraman” was Keaton’s first film with MGM. It is considered by fans and critics to be Keaton in top form. It was added to the National Film Registry in 2005 as being deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

Running time: 69 minutes
Also featured: The short film “The Cook” (1918) starring Buster Keaton & Fatty Arbuckle. Running time: 22 minutes
Total running time: 91 minutes.