Thursday, September 13

Doors: 6:30 PM
Showtime: 7:00 PM

Chautauqua Community House

$12.00 ($9.00 Concert Member)*

Symbols of Resistance” looks at the history of the Chican@ Movement as it emerges in the 1970s with a focus on Colorado and Northern New Mexico. The documentary film explores the struggle for land, the student movement and community struggles against police repression.

This film represents an important component of the Chican@ struggle that is often not well understood — that the movement was not limited to organizing agricultural workers. Viewers get an inside look at how conflicts with government included resisting unprovoked police violence in urban areas and many protests against systemic language discrimination, judicial discrimination, disproportionate imprisonment, and the lack of educational and employment opportunities. These rising community and student movements were targeted by the infamous COINTELPRO (Counter intelligence program) of the FBI, working in tandem with other local, state and federal agencies.

Ashly Villa and Jasón Romero Jr. will give an introduction as well as participate in a panel discussion after the screening.

About the panel members:

As a student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Dr. Priscilla Falcon helped establish strong foundations for UMAS during the Chican@ Movement. Even after the death of her husband Ricardo Falcon, also a community organizer and activist, Dr. Priscilla Falcon continues her work as a political organizer.

Ricardo Romero, a founding member of the Crusade for Justice and coordinator of the Mexican National Liberation Movement, served time as a political prisoner for his willingness and courage to fight for the people.

Esai Lopez has been an active participant in the Tierra Amarilla Youth Leadership Institute for several years. As a high school student from Denver, Esai is concerned about the social and political challenges facing our communities.

Nydia Salazar is a high school student from Greeley, Colorado. She is an active member of Al Frente de Lucha, an organization dedicated to the struggle for self-determination. Nydia has been present at protests, and organized youth to support students of Ayotzinapa.

Total film running time: 72 minutes

A portion of tonight’s proceeds will benefit The Tierra Amarilla Youth Leadership Institute, sponsored by Al Frente de Lucha.

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