Wednesday, September 23

Doors: 6:45 PM
Showtime: 7:00 PM

Chautauqua@Home - Virtual Program

$15.00 ($12.00 Concert Member)*

The Chautauqua@Home Virtual Series takes place on Zoom and will still capture the elements of a Community House series – a unique presentation by speakers, followed by Q&A from the audience.

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Since the 1990s, astronomers have found over four thousand (and counting!) exoplanets, alien worlds orbiting other stars. These planets orbit a wide variety of stars, and themselves are all wildly different; huge, small, hot, cold, airless, or with thick atmospheres. As we learn more about them, we come closer to answering the Big Questions: Is there another Earth out there? And if so, will it support life? Is Earth unique, or is the galaxy filled with blue-green worlds that look achingly like our own? In this engaging and fun talk, astronomer Phil Plait will show you how we find these planets, and how our own compares to them.

About the Speaker: Dr. Philip Plait

Dr. Plait worked for ten years with Hubble Space Telescope, first to get his Ph.D., and then helping to build a camera onboard that is still being used today. During that time, he found that he loved to write and talk about the Universe, helping others share his joy for space and astronomy, and over the years that passion to communicate became his main occupation. He started a website tearing down science misconceptions like UFOs and people who think NASA faked the Apollo Moon landings, earning him the nickname “The Bad Astronomer” for debunking bad astronomy. He turned that into a book called “Bad Astronomy” and has since then written two more books and dozens of magazine articles. He has appeared on numerous science shows, including “Phil Plait’s Bad Universe” and “How the Universe Works,” was the Head Science Writer for the first season of “Bill Nye Saves the World,” and has consulted on numerous television shows and movies. His first love, though, is still writing about news and advances in astronomy on his blog “Bad Astronomy,” which was hosted by Discover Magazine and Slate in the past and is currently at SYFY Wire.

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