Thursday, May 3

Doors: 6:30 PM
Showtime: 7:00 PM

Chautauqua Community House

$12.00 ($9.00 Concert Member)*

Madaleine has been climbing since 1998 and guiding since 2002.  An elite big wall free climber, she has led up to 5.13+ on 35-pitch routes on El Capitan in Yosemite, California and the Diamond of Longs Peak, Colorado.  She has made several first or early ascents of 5.12/5.13 Grade VI (multi-day) climbs, often in female teams and in remote areas around the world. With any goal, she plays with a balance of adventure, fun and pushing herself to perform her best.  Finding her sweet spot is a little different every day.  She continues to be motivated for her personal climbing goals, and is honored to be guiding and coaching climbers of all levels to meet their own next wall.

Join Madaleine Sorken as she bring her big wall climbing adventures to life through imagery, storytelling and discussion. From 20+ years of experience, she shares her dedication to a craft. She discusses methods for pushing one’s perceived limitations, what makes a pursuit meaningful and her evolving relationship with climbing.

A portion of tonight’s proceeds will benefit the Hayden Fund, a legacy fund to defend our public lands set up in honor of a phenomenal human.

About the Speaker:

Madaleine Sorkin is a professional rock climber and certified AMGA Rock guide inspired to continually engage her next big wall and coach climbers to meet theirs. A passion for difficult big wall free climbing goals has taken her to through the American west, from Colorado to California to Alaska, and internationally to remote areas in Kyrgyzstan, Patagonia, Jordan and Canada.Looking back at any achievement or failure, Madaleine sees her ability to stay committed to a climb as linked to attending to her emotional and physical body and selecting an appropriate response to each arising challenge. She sees many of her past achievements as fueled by a restless drive for transformative experiences with the natural world and desire to push her perceived limitations. Now 20 years into her climbing courtship, the heart of her climbing revolves around a deepening purpose in nature and the partnerships, dreams, struggles and humor that create a meaningful pursuit.

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