Wednesday, July 19

Showtime: 7:30 PM

Chautauqua Auditorium

$12.00 ($6.00 Concert Member and children under 12)*

Silver screen star Harold Lloyd was a comedic genius and one of the most influential filmmakers in early cinema. Sit back and enjoy two of his laugh-out-loud comedy shorts, “Grandma’s Boy” (1922) and “A Sailor-Made Man” (1921).

In “Grandma’s Boy,” Lloyd plays a timid young man who lives with his feisty grandma (Anna Townsend). He’s frightened of his own shadow, really, and it’s beginning to affect his relationship with the girl of his dreams (Mildred Davis). When the town residents set out to track down a murderer, Harold cowards and retreats to Grandma’s. She tells him a fantastic story about his grandfather, rouses his confidence and hands him a magic amulet. Unaware he’s been given an umbrella handle, he decides to chase the criminal himself.

The evening continues with “A Sailor-Made Man” featuring Lloyd as an idle, wealthy playboy smitten with a prudent young woman (Mildred Davis). To prove his worth to his bride-to-be’s father, the young man joins the Navy, but doesn’t realize it’s a job he can’t quit. When she is kidnapped by a sadistic maharajah, the inexperienced hero leaps into action to rescue his love from peril.

Running time: “Grandma’s Boy” (1922), 61 minutes. “A Sailor-Made Man” (1921), 47 minutes.

Total running time: 108 minutes

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