Monday, December 17

Doors: 6:30 PM
Showtime: 7:00 PM

Chautauqua Community House

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Many often consider planet formation to be a quiet, gradual, even boring process that slowly made the bodies we see today. But nothing could be further from truth!

Planet formation involves dramatic collisions, the migration of giant planets into unbelievable places, the ejection of Neptune-sized planets, and the scattering of asteroids and comets across the solar system. The scars of these events are still etched onto the surfaces of the moon, Mars and other bodies. Using the latest models, Dr. Bill Bottke will discuss what we know about the wildest times in our solar system’s history.

Speaker: Dr. Bill Bottke is the director of the Department for Space Studies at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in Boulder, Colorado. He is also the director of the Institute for the Science of Research Targets (ISET) of NASA’s SSERVI Institute. His interests include planet formation, the nature of the early Solar System, and the evolution of asteroids, comets and meteorites.

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