Monday, February 13

Showtime: 7:00 PM

Chautauqua Community House

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For over 400 years, human curiosity about the origins of the universe has driven the development of telescopes. In pursuit of answers to the nature and history of our galaxy and beyond, Boulder-based Ball Aerospace has been designing and building bigger telescopes for sixty of those years. The bigger the telescope, the farther we can glimpse back in time. In answer to this reality, the James Webb Space telescope will be the largest and most powerful to date with a 21 foot-wide mirror and a 72 foot-long sunshield, allowing us to see the first light after the Big Bang.

Allison Barto will share how astronomers’ questions shape telescope design and offer a glimpse into the amazing engineering that enables scientific discovery.

Speaker: Allison Barto, Ball Aerospace, is the program manager for the James Webb telescope and will lead Ball’s support during launch and commissioning, scheduled for 2018.