Wednesday, July 5

Showtime: 7:30 PM

Chautauqua Auditorium

$12.00 ($6.00 Concert Member and children under 12)*

Join us for an evening of silent comedy with three of Chaplin’s classic short films.  The evening begins with “Shoulder Arms,” Chaplin’s 1918 war comedy about the adventure of Charlie the Doughboy on the battlefield of World War I. A private with dreams of becoming a war hero, Chaplin and his mail package of stinky limburger cheese, crosses into enemy territory and captures thirteen Germans. With his new found victory and fame, Chaplin again goes behind German lines disguised as a tree trunk and captures the Kaiser and the crown prince. But wait, is this all just a dream?

In “The Idle Class” (1921), Chaplin’s classic portrayal of “the little tramp” returns and this time heads off to an upper class golf resort. There, he meets a rich woman (Edna Purviance) who is having an argument with her drunken husband (also played by Chaplin). Complications arise when the tramp tries to escape a policmena, crashes a masquerade ball and is mistaken for her husband.

The final short of the night, “Pay Day” (1922), features Chaplin as a laborer on a house construction site. After a difficult day at work, the bricklayer tries to enjoy his pay day, but his wife wants all of the money. Able to scrounge enough money to go drinking with his friends, he returns home just in time to hide in the bath tub, clothes and all, and pretends to have just woken up to go to work.

Running time: “Shoulder Arms” (1918), 45 minutes. “Idle Class” (1921), 25 minutes. “Pay Day” (1922), 26 minutes.

Total running time: 96 minutes

*All ticket purchases subject to service fees