Friday, October 23

Showtime: 7:30 PM

Chautauqua Community House

Sold Out

Cahalen Morrison & Eli West are simply put, two of the most innovative and subtle roots musicians today. Colorado Chautauqua is proud to welcome back the outstanding duo with their latest album, “I’ll Swing My Hammer with Both My Hands”.

While their music draws from old folk sources, their sound is vibrantly alive. Cahalen Morrison writes songs that sound like a Cormac McCarthy novel: simple, beautifully crafted, and seemingly formed from raw natural elements. Eli West brings jagged, angular arrangements based in bluegrass and old-time, but refracted through a 21st century lens. Like Ansel Adams’ photography, their music is instantly accessible and built from the simplest materials as their sounds transcend the base fundamentals. Together, Cahalen and Eli tap the deep roots of old country and bluegrass duets convincing the listener’s ear that the two young masters were made to sing together.