Sunday, May 23

Doors: 8:45 AM
Showtime: 9:00 AM

Auditorium Terrace

$25.00 ($22.00 Member)*

Traditional yoga under a cool tent outdoors at Chautauqua this Spring? Yes! We got you. Ashtanga Yoga is often called the “Original Power Yoga” and this class gives you a taste of why that is. With her steady count and insightful cues, Sandi here guides you through no more than half of the Ashtanga Primary Series (including the traditional opening and closing sequences) for an empowering experience of mind-body-breath stretching and strengthening in union. This class is for those who want a challenge in your practice but don’t worry: she won’t ask you to cross your legs behind your head (that’s reserved for the full Primary Series)! Honor your body-mind and feel free to modify your practice as needed.

Teacher Bio:
Yoga teacher Sandi Higgins (E-RYT / YACEP ) is passionate about peace, cultural diversity, human rights, animal rights, environmental sustainability, plant-based cooking, and creative wellness. Based in Boulder, Colorado, she teaches yoga, meditation, dance fitness, and contemplative arts for all ages. Sandi loves learning from her teachers and her students. Her classes include Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Rainbow Yoga, Aqua Yoga, BollyX The Bollywood Workout, and more! Further info:

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