Sarah Bell

Monday, July 20

Doors: 6:00 PM
Showtime: 6:00 PM

Colorado Chautauqua

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Race and Chautauqua

From its beginning in 1874 to when most assemblies came to their end in the 1920’s, the Chautauqua Movement reached thousands, if not millions, of people from New York to Texas to California. The Chautauqua Movement was an example of how ideas could grow and spread across the country through the vehicles of assemblies and speakers. The Chautauqua was rooted in a religious education that encouraged people, primarily the white, Protestant middle class, to strive for moral self-improvement by listening to lectures and engaging in discussions. While it provided this educational avenue for the white middle class, how did Chautauqua engage with issues of race?

This presentation will look at some examples of speakers and programs at the Colorado Chautauqua assembly at the turn of the twentieth century that illustrate how race did – or did not – show up within the Chautauqua Movement. At a time when the voices clamoring for racial equity are louder than ever, looking to our past can help us better understand our present and confront the ideas and beliefs that have perpetuated through multiple generations of our society.

About the Speaker

Sarah Bell attended the University of Kansas where she graduated with a Masters in Museum Studies in 2012 and her PhD in History in May 2019. Her dissertation analyzed the intersection of women’s political activities with the Chautauqua Movement at assemblies in Kansas and Colorado between 1874 and 1919. Sarah has had the opportunity to bring her dissertation research to the public in different ways. In 2018 Sarah joined the Humanities Kansas Speakers Bureau and has enjoyed presenting to audiences across Kansas. She also published an article in Kansas History in Spring 2019 that focused on the Ottawa Chautauqua. Sarah currently works at the Watkins Museum of History, located in Lawrence, Kansas, as the Development Officer.

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