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Space Series launches October 19!

Join Boulder’s preeminent scientists for a monthly voyage of discovery through the solar system and outer limits of space and time. Buy your tickets early! This popular series sells out fast! An eight event Space Series pass is also available. All shows: 7:00 PM. Chautauqua Community House. Buy tickets online.

A Tour of the History of the Universe – October 19

Go on an exciting adventure through the history and contents of the universe with Professor Jeremy Darling, CU Boulder.

Hubble Discovers Spiral Galaxy Halos – November 16

Learn about spiral halos – the missing link to understanding the galaxy’s evolution with John Stocke, CU Boulder.

Black Holes Inside & Out – December 14

Take a ride on a real-time interactive flight simulator and go where no man has gone before – into the guts of black holes with Professor Andrew Hamilton, CU Boulder.

NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter – January 11

Learn how Juno has helped scientists understand giant planets and their role in the rest of the solar system with Dr. Fran Bagenal, CU Boulder.

Discovering the Structure of the Milky Way – February 22

Travel to the Milky Way and learn the secrets of its structures with Dr. Jason Glenn, CU Boulder.

Pluto & Beyond: What We Now Know – March 4

Hear the newest discoveries about Pluto, its moons and the space beyond from Southwest Research Institute scientists.

Astronomy of Machu Picchu & the Inca World – March 14

Journey to Llactapapta where astronomy secrets reveal mysteries about ancient Incan civilizations with Dr. J McKim Malville, CU Boulder.

A Tour of the Weird Moons of Saturn– April 11

Explore Saturn’s moons and learn about the strange discoveries the Cassini spacecraft has made since 2005 with Dr. Carly Howett, Southwest Research Institute.

NASA’s MAVEN Mission Wrap Up – May 2

Listen to a recap of MAVEN’s findings from Mars and enjoy some adventurous stories of the Colorado spacecraft with Nick Schneider, MAVEN’s Remote Sensing Team


Explore the future of humanity by way of economics, politics, art, science and the scholars of tomorrow – in this new series presented in collaboration Highland City Club. All shows 7:00 PM. Chautauqua Community House. Buy tickets online.

Hunter Lovins: Regenerative Economics – October 28

Learn about Hunter Lovins’ detailed work to meet the Pope’s challenge – reinvent the global economy delivering a world that works for 100% of humanity.

The Watson Scholars – November 18

Join next generation entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders in an interactive session of envisioning and shaping our collective future. The evening’s discussion will be led by the scholars of Watson University.

Gerzon & Steiner: Bridging Partisan Divides – December 9

Listen as Gerzon and Steiner explain the growing response to the hyper-partisanship that is paralyzing American politics through unifying Americans in civility, respect and kindness.

Brad Udall: Water, Today into the Future – February 17

Explore the nature of freshwater issues plaguing our world today and the possible solutions for the future with senior water and climate research scientist and scholar, Brad Udall.

Kirn & Kiehl: Dance of Art & Science – April 13

Discover the creative interaction between art and science helping solve important issues such as climate change and resiliency with speakers Marda Kirn and Jeffrey Kiehl.


Host your holiday festivities at Chautauqua

With cooler temperatures and shorter days approaching, the season for holiday parties is not far behind! For intimate family gatherings or private parties, consider the historic Chautauqua Community House or the masterfully restored Dining Hall to host your holiday event this year!

Need a spare room for out of town guests? Chautauqua’s 57 cottages and Missions House Lodge are the perfect option for hosting and entertaining visitors. No need to pump up the air mattress or clean out the basement when your guests can enjoy the privacy of their own cozy accommodations.

For more information, contact our Hospitality team today at 303.952.1611 or email


Open year round, seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner – the Chautauqua Dining Hall is a perfect place to meet with friends, dine with family and celebrate special events. Enjoy fresh Colorado Bistro cuisine in the cozy restaurant, warmed by two large stone fireplaces. For reservations, please contact or 303.440.3776. For hours, menus and more information, click here.


Unique opportunities to work at Chautauqua have opened. We are looking for passionate and dedicated people to join our team and fill the following positions:

• Lead Facilities and Preservations Specialist
• Housekeeper Assistant

View the complete job postings here.


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