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Wrenched – October 9

Watch how Edward Abbey lit the flame of environmental activism and gave the movement its soul in the documentary film, “Wrenched.” Through interviews, archival footage and reenactments, the film captures the outrage of the original eco-warriors and asks the question, “how far are we willing to go in defense of the wilderness?” M. John Fayhee, Mountain Gazette editor, will lead a post film discussion. Click here to watch the official “Wrenched” trailer. Friday, October 9. 7:30 PM. Chautauqua Community House. Buy tickets online.


Fall/Winter Author Series announced!

Paying homage to the Chautauqua Literary & Scientific Circle, the oldest, continuous book club in America, we’re pleased to announce this season’s selection of monthly presentations by authors whose work celebrates nature and the human spirit. Read more about the full schedule below and purchase your tickets today before they disappear. All events: 7:00 PM. Chautauqua Community House. Buy tickets online.

Angie Ricketts: No Man’s War – November 4
Veterans Speak event

Angie Ricketts is 100% a product of the military: raised an Army brat and married over 24 years to an eight-time deployed Army officer. As we celebrate Veteran’s Month, hear this mother of two’s perspective on the cultural gap between civilians and the professional military and the struggles faced by veterans and their families when they try to assimilate back into society.

Megan Feldman: Triumph of the Heart, plus “Enemy, My Friend?” – November 13
Veterans Speak event

As part of Veteran’s Month celebrations, join us for a multi-media event featuring the short-film “Enemy My Friend?” and discussion with award-winning journalist, Megan Feldman. Explore how and why people forgive after the worst kinds of wartime violence.

Thomas Andrews: Coyote Valley: Deep History in the High Rockies – December 2

Thomas Andrews is a history professor at the University of Colorado and author of the acclaimed 2008 book “Killing for Coal: America’s Deadliest Labor War.” His newest historical work, “Coyote Valley: Deep History in the High Rockies,” underscores the value of drilling deep into local history for core relationships — to the land, climate, and other species—that complement broader truths.

Lost Girls of S. Sudan: Lost Girl Found – January 13

Though much has been written about the amazing journey of the Lost Boys of Southern Sudan, very little has been written about the women. Learn about the traditions and struggles in Southern Sudan and embark on the journey of female Sudanese refugees as they escape from violence to Colorado and pursue their dreams of education.

Maura Weiler: Contrition – From Page to Screen – January 19

Maura Weiler is a former columnist, trash artist and film executive who helped develop screenplays for such films as “Speed,” “Twister” and “Minority Report.” Maura will discuss Hollywood’s current preference of books for screenplays, why some work and some don’t, and how the process is unfolding for her best-selling debut novel “Contrition.”

The Maynard’s Guide to CO’s Nat’l Parks – February 4

Join author and naturalist Cindy Maynard and professional photographer Bob Maynard as they share their expertise, entertaining anecdotes and a selection of Bob’s photographs. Learn tips on how to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right lens.

Dave Foreman: Man Swarm – How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World -March 16

Earth First! founder and conservationist Dave Foreman will read from his latest book “Man Swarm” and discuss overpopulation and its impact on wildlife and wetlands. Dave will share the findings behind these ideas as well as offer tangible ways to be part of the solution.


Tell us what you think!

As we begin planning for next summer, we’d like to hear your thoughts about your experiences at Chautauqua this past year, as well as your suggestions for programming and improvements. By participating in our brief audience survey, you will be entered to win a pair of general admission tickets for the 2016 summer season. Take the brief survey here.


Open year round, seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Chautauqua Dining Hall is a perfect place to meet friends, dine with family and celebrate special events. Enjoy fresh Colorado Bistro cuisine in the cozy restaurant, warmed by two large stone fireplaces. For reservations, please contact or 303.440.3776. For hours, menus and more information, click here.


Chautauqua Pedestrian Safety, Access and Lighting Improvements Project Open House – Thursday, October 15

The City of Boulder’s Chautauqua Pedestrian Safety, Access and Lighting Improvements Project addresses the south side of Baseline Road from the park boundary near 10th Street to west of 6th Street. This section of Baseline Road serves an important role for the use of Chautauqua Park, Open Space and Mountain Parks trails and Chautauqua lodging, programming and venues. These three facets of Chautauqua, combined, attract more than half a million visitors per year.

Currently, the lack of sidewalk on the south side of Baseline Road from west of 6th Street east to King’s Gate creates a safety hazard. Pedestrians travel in the street increasing pedestrian-vehicle and pedestrian-bicycle conflict. The lack of sidewalks also impedes the mobility and access of area residents. Consequently, the project area has been identified in the City’s Missing Sidewalk Links program.

This Chautauqua Project fulfills the direction of the 2014 voter-approved Community, Culture and Safety Tax to improve pedestrian safety and incorporate Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant curbs and ramps along Baseline Road in the Chautauqua area. The second component to the project will address the safety need for low-level lighting in the park along the walkway from the King’s Gate entrance to the parking lot east of the tennis courts. The project is an inter-departmental City of Boulder project that honors the historic and natural character of the area while providing important safety improvements.

The Chautauqua Project will provide the following improvements:

• Construction of 5-foot wide sidewalks on the south side of Baseline Road from the park boundary near 10th Street to the end of on-street parking west of Sixth Street
• Improved ADA-compliant pedestrian crossings along Baseline Road
• Improved pedestrian connections from Baseline Road to Open Space and Mountain Parks designated access trails (per the West Trail Study Area Plan) and to existing Parks and Recreation paths
• Native shrubs and plantings to replace non-native species and improve landscape conditions on the north edge of the Chautauqua meadow
• Transit stop improvements, including an ADA-compliant ramp at King’s Gate
• Pedestrian lighting from the King’s Gate entrance to the parking lot east of the tennis courts interior to Chautauqua Park (no additional lighting will be installed along Baseline Road or OSMP public land)
• Installation of way-finding elements within the Chautauqua project area-per the Colorado Chautauqua Association National Historic Landmark Master Signage Plan

Vegetation pruning and removal is scheduled to take place in fall, 2016, followed by construction in fall and winter 2016-2017. Construction is anticipated to be completed by spring, 2017.

Come to the City of Boulder’s OPEN HOUSE and share your thoughts on the initial designs!

Thursday, October 15 , 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Rocky Mountain Climber’s Club, Chautauqua Community House.

For more information and updates on the project, please visit

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